DGC Library use and Membership

DGC Library use and Membership

Beitragvon Mustafa Umut Sarac » Fr 7. Mär 2014, 19:21

Hello there,

I have few questions about membership and library use of DGC.

- Today, I received a mail from DGC. I cant read German but they want me to pay 70 euros , First I am still a student and I was hoping to pay 35 euros , what went wrong ?

- I have to wait 15 days to get my paycheck and pay the fee but Can I order book scans in dvd from the library within that time ? How will I communicate with library ? What is the fee of scanning for example 300 pages ?

- Can I order book scans without being a member ?

Thank you,

Mustafa Umut Sarac
Mustafa Umut Sarac
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Re: DGC Library use and Membership

Beitragvon Ursus » Fr 7. Mär 2014, 22:36

Please, address your questions directly to the head of the library, Dr. Bernhard Huber:

bibliothek at dg-chrono.de

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Re: DGC Library use and Membership

Beitragvon KleineSekunde » So 9. Mär 2014, 23:47

Dear Mustafa Umut Sarac,

first of all, welcome to the forum of the DGC!

This forum surely is an official part of the DGC organization, but it is handled also somewhat "independently". As already indicated, it might be the best way to address your specific questions related to book ordering / scans of literature directly to the responsible persons in charge of the library / the account handling.

In case of any general question related to watches / clocks, please do not hesitate to address them also directly to the forum! Several dedicated persons might be able to answer your questions directly and discussions about questions / open issues are always appreciated!

Best regards

Guido / KleineSekunde
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